How to take part

It's easy to take part in Walk the World

Just follow these quick steps:


Find a walk

Check out the Walks section to see if there’s a walk organised in your area.

More are being added all the time but if you can't find a walk nearby, or are interested in organising one, contact the Walk the World team.  

Homeworker? Or missing a local walk because you'll be on holiday? Everyone can take part in Walk the World! Here's how

Clients and business partners are also welcome to join walks; just ask them to register first.

Not able to walk far? There are lots of ways to get involved beyond walking, such as volunteering on the day of a walk and fundraising for charity. Just speak to your walk organiser or contact the Walk the World team to find out more.

Visit the FAQ section for more about taking part in Walk the World.


Register (and pick up an official Walk the World t-shirt)

So that the team can track how far we are all walking and how close we are to reaching the fundraising target of £250,000, everyone taking part in Walk the World 2019 must register first. 

After registering, everyone will receive an official Walk the Word technical t-shirt. 

Have an older Walk the World t-shirt? Why not donate it to charity or use it for volunteering days?


Donate to a local charity

Walk the World aims to raise as much money as possible for local charities, which is why everyone is encouraged to make a donation.

Information about the charity partners for each walk and how to donate can be found on individual walk pages.

Visit the FAQ section for more information about donating to charity.



After registering for a walk and making a donation, you're all set to Walk the World.

But it doesn’t stop there. Why not fundraise to raise even more money for your local charity? 

Anyone who fundraises at least £100/US$150 (or local amount communicated) can take an extra day off work before the end of the year!

From bake sales to BBQs, auctions to arm wrestling, anything goes!

Visit the Fundraising section for more information.


Walk the World!

Whether taking a gentle stroll or walking a marathon for Walk the World, you will make a huge difference to local causes while having fun with colleagues along the way. 

The Walk the World team will keep everyone updated with how far we are all walking and how much money is being raised, but we also want to see and hear from colleagues. For the chance to win bonus donations to your local charity, post stories and photos during and after your walk on Portal or the Hub using #InformaWTW.

For more information, visit the Fundraising page