About WTW

Will you go the distance in 2019?

Taking part in Walk the World couldn't be easier: find or organise a walk, make a donation and Walk the World!

The idea behind Walk the World is a simple one.

It is an opportunity for Informa colleagues everywhere to spend time together, away from the office, taking part in a walk and raising money for chosen local charities.

While the concept is the same all over the world, every location has its own flavour: whether that’s walking through a major city like New York or Singapore, climbing up and down peaks in Hong Kong or Switzerland, hiking through the countryside in Cleveland or Calabasas, or undertaking a marathon-length route in London.

At the end of Walk the World, we work out how far colleagues have walked in total.

In 2018, Informa colleagues walked over 42,000km (25,000 miles), further than the length of the equator! More than £170,000 / $226,000 was raised for local charities in the process.

For 2019, Walk the World is setting the bar even higher with a fundraising target of at least £250,000 / $330,000.

Will you join us and go the distance?