Help raise funds to benefit local charities chosen by you

Raising money for charity is a key element of Walk the World.

Everyone taking part is encouraged to make a donation to their chosen local charity which you can find on the registration page for your office walk.

Just visit your walk page to find out how

But don't stop there! Why not fundraise as much as possible? If you are walking a challenging distance, you could ask friends and family for sponsorship. 


Raise over £100/US$150 (or local amount communicated) and get an extra day of vacation!

Just show proof to your line manager after WTW closes and book the day off via your local holiday booking system.

To claim their day off, users of eDays and ADP have the option of booking a 'WTW day'. 

Please note – extra day off to be taken in the same calendar year as the WTW you earn it for