What is Walk the World?

Walk The World is a fun, annual Colleague initiative at Informa that encourages everyone around the world to spend some time together outside the office, be healthy and raise money for good causes. 

It is an opportunity for colleagues to come together as an office, and as part of Informa. 

Each walk is unique to the local office culture and ambition. It's these distinct differences within a common ambition that unite us across the business.

When is Walk the World?

Check back soon for more details of WTW 2021.

How do I register to take part in Walk the World?

There is an online registration form on each walk page – see Walks.

What are our goals for 2021?

Check back soon for more details of WTW 2021.

How far should I walk?

We suggest offices offer several distances e.g. 20km; 10km; and 3km to allow for a variety of abilities, challenge and time out of the office. However, your walk does not have to fit this specification.

We've seen hundreds of people come together to walk a marathon distance in London, and even an 80 mile challenge walk, but we've also seen people doing a few km because that's what they prefer. 

We find those people who walk distances that are challenging to them are often our best fundraisers.  It's always good to challenge ourselves but we should always do so safety.

How do I cancel or amend my registration for the walk?

Our new system should allow you to log onto your own account on the Walk the World website and amend your bookings.

Please email walktheworld@informa.com and notify us if you have any problems.

How do homeworkers take part in Walk the World?

All homeworkers are invited to take part in a local office walk near them or by doing their own walk. Visit our homeworkers hub for details.

Who should I notify when organizing a walk?

Please email walktheworld@informa.com as soon as possible if you intend to set up a walk for colleagues at your office or as a group of homeworkers. We will send you training materials on how to organise the walk and help you get started.  There are some simple steps that need completing for safety and insurance requirements too.

How do I get a t-shirt?

Please try and reuse your t-shirt from last year where possible!

If you do need a new t-shirt you can order one in your size when you register, so the right t-shirt comes to your office. Your local walk organizer will hand them out before the event.

Are the t-shirts ethically sourced? What about sustainability?

At Informa we take supply-chain ethics seriously. Our t-shirts are high quality tshirts and we ensure they comply with Informa's Modern Slavery Policy.

We've searched far and wide for suitable, practical and sustainably sourced materials to use for the t-shirts.  In the past we've used cotton tshirts but this year we're trying out polyester technical tshirts as feedback has told us that people are far more likely to reuse these shirts.  This appears to be our best option at the moment.

Please do keep your tshirt for use next year.  You can also use it for volunteering for Informa or donate it if you no longer have any use for it. 

Polyester is also quite recyclable where local facilities exist.

Can I do more than one walk?

Colleagues are encouraged to combine intended visits to other offices with their Walk the World event – it’s a great way to network. You will need to register for each walk. However, please check with your line manager first that it's OK to spend time on multiple walks.

Do I have to take time off to complete the walk?

No. This will be considered time in the office (but you get fresh air for free!).

If you raise £150 / $200 you get an extra day’s holiday to take as you please.

How can we get fit leading up to Walk the World?

  • Consider starting an office weekly walking club! Get out into the fresh air with colleagues at lunch time.
  • Explore an app such as Google Fit which allow you to count your steps and set an individual or team goal.

How do I share photos?

  1. Use Instagram or Twitter #informawtw.  This will update our WTW galleries shown on these pages
  2. You may also want to tag your office location e.g #wtwdubai
  3. Post stories and photos on Portal adding the hashtag #informawtw
  4. Share them with your walk organiser who can add them to the website

What should I take video of for Walk the World?

We love your videos and offer a prize for the best one.  Either standing still talking or photos of the action.  Send them to walktheworld@informa.com.

How do we get our stories in the global Informa news?

We would love to include your Walk in an article, global email or even in our annual Sustainability report. Post on Portal using the #informawtw and the communications team will pick it up.

How can I speak to other colleagues about Walk the World or share our stories?

Please post ideas, stories and pictures on Portal or the Hub adding the hashtag #InformaWTW

If you want your story to be considered for the competitions for extra prize money for your charity, feel free to get our attention and mail them to walktheworld@informa.com too.

Can friends, family and pets join me on Walk the World?

Please check with your local walk organiser as the answer varies depending on each walk.

Can clients and other business partners join me on Walk the World?

Yes, we are actively encouraging building our networks through Walk the World!

They are insured on the walk with us but please make sure they know that they have to have their own insurance for their travel to/from the walk if applicable.

How does Walk the World fit in with our Sustainability Program more widely?

See www.informa.com/sustainability for more information and to read our sustainability reports.

Walk the World is intended to first and foremost serve our colleagues by offering an opportunity to network, spending time with each other in a new setting, get energised doing something good for our wellbeing and to feel good raising money for great causes.

We differentiate between our client communities, or our customers, and our neighbours, or the communities where we operate. So, in addition to supporting local charities, you can build your client networks by inviting business partners on the walk!

We hope spending time outdoors in nature helps us consider the environment, and perhaps all this sustainable activity will influence the products and services we create at work too, thereby serving our content!


Which charity is my office supporting?

Most offices are supporting a local charity of their choice.  For homeworkers, we're encouraging everyone to support a single charity.  In this case, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

How do I donate to charity?

In the US and UK, donations are encouraged through the Walk the World platform where everyone gets their own fundraising page automatically set up when they register.

Other offices are choosing methods that work for them including online donations, cash or donations directly to the charity.

Can I fundraise for my own charity?

We are sorry, but for Walk the World, Informa asks that you donate to and fundraise for your affiliated office charity. We are forming a special relationship with these charities, and let’s see how much we can raise for them together!

If you are a homeworker, we're suggesting you support the WWF in line with some of our other offices and locations but feel free to contact us on walktheworld@informa.com if you have other ideas. 

WWF is a global charity linked to many of our markets.  Whilst it is most famous for its work with conservation and charistmatic animals, it is increasingly working with farming, communities, governments and business to help address the systemic challenges that our world is facing.  This charity was chosen in consultation with colleagues and because of its global presence.

How do I start fundraising?

Colleagues are encouraged to fundraise by giving a donation themselves and encouraging friends, family and other contacts to donate.  Those doing the longer distances may find it easier to ask friends and family for sponsorship, or employees may set up fundraising activities.

Anyone who raises £150 ($200) for their office charity will be awarded an extra day of annual leave!

For colleagues in the US and UK, our WTW platform automatically sets up a fundraising page for you when you register.  This is similar to JustGiving (UK) or CrowdRise (USA) in previous years.  You and others can donate directly to you on our platform.  It's also possible to donate direct to the office/charity fund.

For colleagues in the Rest of World, we encourage you to find a solution that works best for your office.  This can be other online donations, direct donations to the charity or donations in cash.  The walk champions will then update the totals on the WTW platform.

How do I claim a day off if I raise £150($200)?

Please confirm the amount you have raised with your line manager. You can then claim this as a “Walk the World Day” on Edays or other systems for booking annual leave.

Watch out for articles on Portal in July that explain more.

What do I do with cash from fundraising activities?

If you have cash left over after fundraising events, it’s best to give the cash to a charity representative directly (and get a receipt).  If that's not possible, you can pay it into an Informa bank account (speak to local finance) and then arrange to pay the charity by cheque/bank transfer. Try to make sure there's always two people checking money to ensure nothing goes wrong.

We can then log this as an 'offline donation' on the WTW platform if you tell us on walktheworld@informa.com.

What about tax return benefits?

US employees can claim tax benefits when donating to US charities (read more here)

Other countries should follow local guidelines.

The Walk the World platform will provide tax receipts for all donations made on the platform.

How can I win my charity more money?

There will be various cash prizes awarded throughout Walk the World for your office charity.

How can I volunteer with my Walk the World charity?

Everyone at Informa is encouraged to use their volunteer time. Speak to your walk organiser about opportunities available. If you’d like to use your skills and use one of your four annual volunteer days, the staff at the charity can let you know what they are in need of! Charities often welcome comms or marketing support for example.

Organizing an office walk

Do we need permission from local authorities?

Contact the relevant councils and authorities to notify them that the walk is taking place. Also notify the police in the area so they can be prepared.

What about Health, Safety and Security?

We have a central risk assessment that all WTW organisers have been briefed on.

There are local Health, Safety and Security people who can help you in each region if you need extra support:

- Americas - Gary.Schuman@informa.com

- Europe - Darrell.Bennett@informa.com

- Rest of World - Gary.Buckett@informa.com

We always suggest that there is a first aid qualified person on the walks, particularly the larger ones. It's also really important that walk organisers walk the route a few days in advance, if not before, to check for any hazards.

What about insurance?

It is crucial to undergo a risk assessment once you have decided the route of your charity walk to ensure we manage risks.

Informa colleagues and our invited guests, providing they register, are covered by our insurance.

However, any external guests are asked to sign a disclaimer when they register to confirm that their company or other insurances cover them for travel to/from the event.

What should I wear for Walk the World?

Many colleagues will already have a WTW t-shirt from previous years, and we encourage you to reuse your t-shirt each year. All participants do have the option of ordering a WTW t-shirt when registering for their walk if needed. You can customise your t-shirt or wear fancy dress! Please wear comfortable clothes such as shorts, fitness attire and trainers. Don’t forget to consider the weather and pack a rain coat, an umbrella or sun protection cream!

How to I raise my event profile?

How about having walk news-hounds? Give each a go-pro camera (or use smart phones) and ask them to interview people along the walk and take footage.

Take pictures! Get WTW balloons in or do a desk drop.

In the lead up to the event, how about asking volunteers to wear a costume and walk around the office giving out fruit and flyers, calling people to register?

How do I create a map for my walk?

We have the ability to embed Google Maps routes directly within the walk pages and this allows people to follow the route on their phones when they are walking.

Contact walktheworld@informa.com for more details if you're a walk organiser.

Need help?

To set up a walk, or if you have any questions regarding Walk the World, please get in touch at walktheworld@informa.com.