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Please keep the team updated regarding your progress and the details of your event.

Your Core Walk the World Team

Abi Taylor

WTW Manager

Ben Wielgus

WTW Senior Manager

Helena Clifford

WTW London Events and Logistics

Walk Contacts

To reach a particular walk organiser, visit your walk page here.

Health, Safety and Security Contacts

Darrell Bennett

HSS - Europe

Gary Schuman

HSS - Americas

Gary Buckett

HSS - Rest of World

Shabeena Arshad

Group HSS

Divisional Communications Contacts

Got a great story to tell? Why not tell it on Portal/Hub and bring it to the attention of this team?

Mathew Pitt-Bailey

Taylor & Francis Comms

Sarah Weir

Informa Markets Comms

Vanessa Clandfield

Informa Global Support Comms

Amanda Cozer

Informa Intelligence & Tech Comms