Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Walk the World?

WTW is an inclusive Informa-wide opportunity to network with colleagues on a local walk, to get motivated behind a common cause, raising money for charity. Ultimately, we hope to return to work energised having spent time together in the outdoors!

When is Walk the World?

Local walks take place between April and June 2018. Walks should be completed no later than 29th June.

How far should I walk?

We suggest offices offer several distances e.g. 20km; 10km; and 3km to allow for a variation of abilities, challenge preferences and time out of the office. However, your walk does not have to fit this specification. We challenge you to walk as far as possible!

Together we hope to walk the circumference of the Earth, that’s 40,075km!

How do I register to take part in Walk the World?

There is an online registration form on each walk page – see Walks.

How do I cancel or amend my registration for the walk?

Please email and notify us of the change.

How do homeworkers take part in Walk the World?

All homeworkers are invited to take part in a local office walk near them or by doing their own walk. Visit our homeworkers hub for details.

Who should I notify when organizing a walk?

Please email if you intend to set up a walk for colleagues at your office as soon as possible. Give a brief paragraph about it, your charity, the date and the length.

How do I get a t-shirt?

If you do not have a t-shirt from 2017, you can order one in your size when you register, so the right t-shirt comes to your office. Your local walk organizer will hand them out before the event.

Are the t-shirts ethically sourced?

At Informa we take supply-chain ethics seriously. Our t-shirts are high quality Gildan t-shirts. They know their strict labour codes are applied because they produce in their own factories. See here for more information. We hope that you will love your cotton t-shirt and make use of it in the years to come – do keep it and wear it again next year. Let’s reduce the amount that goes to landfill!

Can I do more than one walk?

Colleagues are encouraged to combine intended visits to other offices with their Walk the World event – it’s a great way to network. You will need to register twice. However please check with your line manager first.

Do I have to take time off to complete the walk?

No. This will be considered time in the office (but you get fresh air for free!).

If you raise £100 / $150 you get an extra day’s holiday to take as you please.

What are our goals for 2018?
  1. We hope to walk the circumference of the Earth! That’s 40,000km
  2. We hope at least 60% of our colleagues globally take part!
  3. Can we collectively raise £175,000 for charity
How can we get fit leading up to Walk the World?
  • Consider starting an office weekly walking club! Get out into the fresh air with colleagues at lunch time.
  • Explore an app such as Google Fit which allow you to count your steps and set an individual or team goal.
How do I share photos?
  1. Use Instagram #WTW2018 #WTWNYC / #WTWDUBAI (#WTW your office location)
  2. Post on Portal WTW Community
  3. Share them with your walk organiser who can add them to the website
What should I take video of for Walk the World?

In order to create a single WTW 2018 video, we would like shots captured of colleagues walking (camera holder standing still), interviews with colleagues (answering a question such as “What do you enjoy most about WTW?) and any fun moving clips such as colleagues jumping or singing! Email short video clips to

How do I share video?

Please email video to

How do we get our stories in the global Informa news?

We would love to include your Walk in an article, global email or even in our annual Sustainability report. Post on Portal WTW Community and the communications team will pick it up.

What is Walk the World Connections?

This is a global competition open to all colleagues, regardless of division or location. The competition runs until 16th April, five winners will be selected to come to London for a three-day VIP experience and take part in the London walk on 21st June! To enter please submit a 90-second video on Microsoft Stream telling is how your work makes a difference to colleagues, customers, communities or the environment. For more information visit the Connections Portal page.

How can I speak to other colleagues about Walk the World or share our stories?

Please post ideas, stories and pictures on the Walk the World Portal Community.

Can friends, family and pets join me on Walk the World?

Please check with your local walk organiser as the answer varies depending on each walk.

Can clients and other business partners join me on Walk the World?

Yes, we are actively encouraging building our networks through Walk the World! However, due to the current offer to buy UBM, please do not reach out to them to ask them to join Walk the World as we are restricted by competition authorities around how much contact we can have with them until the acquisition is complete.

How does Walk the World fit in with our Sustainability Program more widely?

The central pillars of our sustainability programme are our Colleagues, Communities, Content and Environment. Walk the World is intended to first and foremost serve our colleagues by offering an opportunity to network, spending time with each other in a new setting, get energised doing something good for our wellbeing and to feel good raising money for great causes. We differentiate between our client communities, or our customers, and our neighbours, or the communities where we operate. So, in addition to supporting local charities, you can build your client networks by inviting business partners on the walk! We hope spending time outdoors in nature helps us consider the environment, and perhaps all this sustainable activity will influence the products and services we create at work too, thereby serving our content!
To learn more about Sustainability at Informa, and to view our annual Sustainability report, click here.


Which charity is my office supporting?

Most offices are supporting a local charity of their choice.

How do I donate to charity?

In most cases, you will be taken to your charity’s donation page when you register, or you can donate on your walk page. Some offices are raising funds in cash only.

Can I fundraise for my own charity?

We are sorry, but for Walk the World, Informa asks that you donate to and fundraise for your affiliated office charity. We are forming a special relationship with these charities, and let’s see how much we can raise for them together!

If you are a homeworker and not affiliated with a particular office, you may raise money for a charity of your choice, but please do let us know how much you raise via email to

How do I start fundraising?

Employees are encouraged to fundraise on top of the registration donation, either independently or at the office. Anyone who raises £100 ($150) for their divisional charity will be awarded an extra day of annual leave! Those doing the longer distances may ask friends and family for sponsorship, or employees may set up fundraising activities.

Individuals can set up their own fundraising page on JustGiving (UK) or CrowdRise (USA) to collect donations.


How do I claim a day off if I raise £100($150USD)?

Please confirm the amount you have raised with your line manager. You can then claim this as a “Walk the World Day” on Edays. If you do not use Edays, please contact your local HR advisor.

What is JustGiving and CrowdRise?

We are using JustGiving as the Walk the World fundraising platform in the UK, and Crowd Rise in the US, because it is an easy way for everyone to donate to their office charity. The platforms also lets us track how much money is being raised in total. We’ll be regularly communicating these amounts but you can also see live totals yourself on JustGiving and CrowdRise. Other regions are promoting a different means of raising money for charity.

What is an offline donation on JustGiving and Crowd Rise?

This is a mechanism on your fundraising page that allows you to show how much you’ve raised in cash, or donated to the charity elsewhere.

What do I do with cash from fundraising activities?

If you have cash left over after fundraising events, it’s best to give the cash to make a direct bank transfer to the charity. You can then add it as an offline donation onto the JustGiving page.

Alternatively, pay the donations into your own bank account and make an online donation via your JustGiving page using a debit or credit card.

What if we are not using CrowdRise and JustGiving for fundraising?

If you are not using Crowd Rise or JustGiving please use this form to let us know how much you raised.

How do I make a Bacs direct credit payment to the charity?

To make a Bacs Direct Credit payment, please contact the relevant charity directly.

Can I claim UK Gift Aid on my donation?

Under the UK Government’s Gift Aid scheme, charities can reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer.

If you are a UK taxpayer, make sure you state that you would like to claim Gift Aid when making a donation using the Walk the World JustGiving platform.

If you are not a UK taxpayer, you can still make a donation through JustGiving, but your donation will not attract Gift Aid.

What about tax return benefits (for US colleagues)?

US employees can claim tax benefits when donating to US charities (read more here)

Can my initial registration donation be added to my personal fundraising page?

We have stipulated that anyone who raises over £150 / $250 can get a day off work. To make sure your registration donation goes towards this target, simply add it to your page as an offline donation.

How do I add cash as an offline donation on JustGiving or CrowdRise?

This lets you to show how much you’ve raised in cash, or donated to your charity elsewhere. It’s a good option because it allows you to keep your totaliser up to date.



  1. Create / log into your account
  2. Click ‘Edit’ underneath the page you’d like to add the balance to.
  3. Click ‘Edit’ alongside ‘Raised offline’ on the right.
  4. Amend the total amount raised offline and select ‘Save’.




Then click ADVANCED in the left-hand side menu

Lastly, Select the OFFLINE DONATION MANAGER optionIf you want to add the donation to a specific team member, select the drop down bar, and you’ll see the team member name list. Then, it’s just a matter of entering in the name of the donor and the dollar amount. Be sure to hit the SAVE button and you’ll be good to go

How can I win my charity more money?

There will be various cash prizes awarded throughout Walk the World for your office charity. Check out our Fundraising page for more information.

How can I volunteer with my Walk the World charity?

Everyone at Informa is encouraged to take a volunteer day in 2018. Speak to your walk organiser about opportunities available. If you’d like to use your skills and get a second volunteer day, the staff at the charity can let you know what they are in need of! Charities often welcome comms or marketing support for example.

Organizing an office walk

Do we need permission from local authorities?

Contact the relevant councils and authorities to notify them that the walk is taking place. Also notify the police in the area so they can be prepared.

What about Health and Safety?

All walk organisers will have scoped out the health, safety and security risks and will take the appropriate precautions concerning weather, road crossings and other hazards. There will be at least one first aid qualified person at our larger walks. If in doubt, contact your local H&S advisor or Shabeena Arshad in Group (

What about insurance?

It is crucial to undergo a risk assessment once you have decided the route of your charity walk. Take a look here for inspiration.

Informa businesses operate separate employer liability or worker compliance policies, because of the local/statutory nature of the cover. Please make the necessary arrangements internally. 

What should I wear for Walk the World?

All participants have the option of receiving a WTW t-shirt when registering for their walk. You can customise your t-shirt or wear fancy dress! Please wear comfortable clothes such as shorts, fitness attire and trainers. Don’t forget to consider the weather and pack a rain coat, an umbrella or sun protection cream!

How to I raise my event profile?

How about having walk news-hounds? give each a go-pro camera (or use smart phones) and ask them to interview people along the walk and take footage.

Take pictures! Get WTW balloons in or do a desk drop.

In the lead up to the event, how about asking volunteers to wear a costume and walk around the office giving out fruit and flyers, calling people to register?

How do I create a map for my walk?

ScribbleMaps is pretty good.

Need help?

To set up a walk, or if you have any questions regarding Walk the World, please get in touch at Please keep Fiona updated regarding your progress and the details of your event.