Whatever the special occasion, ask your friends and family to make a donation to your charity instead of – or as well as – buying you a gift.

Positive steps

Change your route to work for a week; can you walk instead and donate your usual travel costs? Or how about getting off two stops earlier and getting your walks sponsored?


Ask your partners, suppliers or friends to donate some fab prizes and organise a raffle.


Hold a simple sweepstake on any event: the Grand National, football, X-Factor, the length of your Senior Partner’s speech at the next team meeting. Charge to enter and split the money between the winner and your office charity.

Happy Monday

Start your week with a smile and hold a fundraising get-together with your colleagues. Hold a bake sale to brighten up Monday and wear bright clothes and ask everyone to donate £2 to take part.

Auction services

You could auction off services in your office. You could be a tea-maker, lunch grabber, post sender. Or find out the talents of colleagues and see if they will auction off training sessions to help you raise funds!

Extreme challenge

Why not swim the distance of the Channel in your local pool or run the length of the country on a treadmill? You don’t have to be a superstar athlete for this one – you could split the distance over a few days or weeks.

Give it up

Give up something you love for a good cause! Avoid chocolate, alcohol, Facebook, using the lift – choose your challenge and ask your friends and family to show their support by contributing to Mind.

PechaKucha night

PechaKucha is a format of giving presentations using twenty pictures. The speaker prepares to talk about a topic they know well and has twenty seconds to talk about each picture. Why not invite friends and family to a PechaKucha night for a small fee? It’s a great way to raise money learn about a range of topics.

Manager vs. manager

Pit your managers against each other to see who can raise the most money, equipped only with their smartphones.

Eighties night

Get into the spirit of the 1980’s and hold a themed fancy dress party. Ask people for a donation to attend and get everyone dressed up as their favourite pop star or icon from the decade!

Run an office quiz

Run a fun quiz and charge teams for entry

Dress down day

Host a day in the office where everyone gets to wear casual clothes for a small donation.

Ebay selling

Set up a ‘sell for charity’ account through Ebay and donate a percentage (or the full amount) to your charity.

International Food Party

Throw an international-themed food party where everyone in your department brings a dish and everyone else pays to enjoy the feast.

Learn a language

Do any of your colleagues speak another language? Ask them to run a short lunchtime course in holiday  French/Spanish/German/Swedish with colleagues making a donation to attend

Cheese and wine evening

Be a wine connoisseur for the night and charge an entry fee for colleagues to try some of the loveliest wine and cheese that you have on offer.

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